Friday, March 11, 2011

12 Ways To Make Money On Facebook!

Earn money on Facebook! If you are a Facebook user or social networking sites for a while been, you have probably heard. But is it really possible to earn money from Facebook? How would you do to make money on Facebook?

Now, thanks to some very helpful and friendly, now almost anyone with a Facebook page, you can make money in a real way. With simple installation, you can make on your way to money on Facebook. Of course, like any other method to earn money, money online, particularly to work hard and persevere to make a good amount of money on Facebook. Although these applications, it is very easy in the way of making money with Facebook, strategy and a well thought out plan, with hard work and perseverance finally combined to obtain the factors of success or failure, make money on Facebook. Here are some applications you can use to make money on Facebook.

1. Radical Buy is almost like a facebook eBay. You can sell anything on your Facebook page with this application only. Listing an item and make it visible to all Facebook users instantly. Now it is good that the Commission has with others who sell their items on your Facebook page, so you have to reach more potential buyers. Of course this means that even if you have to sell products, you can see other peoples items on your Facebook page and earn money with the Commission not to get things sold.

2. My Merch Store If you have red my son of 9 make money by selling site on the design and the article ... then you know about Zazzle. Well, now Zazzel allows you to create and design the products on your website (which is free) and sell it on your face book. Let us make the basis of the potential buyer on T-shirts and caps, etc, especially if you have many friends from Facebook. You can also sell products created by other artists and a commission on it. Even if you do not want to deal with the design has to make a kind of money on the book face with Zazzle.

3. The press service of the same idea as Zazzle, but learned a lot more memory and know online. Cafe Press allows you to sell every product in the fight against the T-shirts for Obama in Obama's Facebook and make money when it was created by you or another person.

4. Ether Ether is a website that you can make money by giving advice to people via phone or chat. But now you can use your new application on Facebook to make money, while the advice for people on the phone. If you do well in it, this can be a way for you to make some money on Facebook. Also, if you know a second language, this application makes it easy to teach others and make money. You can control the speed and the ether has a number people can call. The call will be transferred to your home phone number.

5. music blaster Blaster With music, you can simply store your music on Facebook, and sell music You earn 5% for each song sold. The cool think this application is that you help your favorite band or singer to sell your music while you make money and help them to gain greater exposure.

6. Garage Sale The name says it all, the flea market in the good old days, but a sale "facebooky 'garage. Add your profile page just sell flea market and a list of everything you want. If someone buys something, Garage Sale automatically credit card accounts, allowing the buyer to send the item. Your money is directly to your PayPal payment or payment by check request. But a commission of 5% on total turnover, but that's all. No additional fees for installation or something like that.

7. Shopit Shopit is a free social commerce network that allows users the option to buy, sell or exchange any goods or services allowed. Just add a section for free and sell your Facebook all you want. Another simple way to make money on Facebook.

8. FT flame tunes was founded in 2007 by an Iranian-American named Nima Khakpour. This application is for the artists sell their music. Therefore, if you are an artist, allowed flame tunes to your music for sale on your Facebook. Can also be used to sell music on MySpace.

9. Lemonade Remember when you set up your lemonade stand for the first time in your community? Well, you can use this application you are using the same concept, the combination of commercial and community, and have a lemonade stand in a digital environment (Facebook) District. Basically, you want to add what you want to sell at a lemonade, and put him in Facebook. It's free and easy.

10. Ebay Who knew it was coming? Yes, you guessed it. Now you can make your eBay on Facebook. It allows you to eBay auction listings to add to your profile. Sell ​​things from your Facebook friends crafts, jewelry journal pages, and dates for dinner or just what you sell on eBay! You can also use an auction to support you in your Facebook profile. I think it's a very clever way of combining eBay and Facebook, and you do not even need an eBay account!

11. Lending Club is almost like the development, earn money from the country to another and make you money in the interest of the loan. Do not worry, has the Club for loans all the details covered. Therefore, it is perfectly safe and legal issues and the trust takes care of the loan by the club. Can I Safley, a good way to make money with Facebook.

12. e3buy auction sale, buy or change anything. Auction your items new or used. Open with e3buy can customize a business, upload your logo and sell things. Unlike eBay, there are no commissions or fees to pay. is to use free of charge. It is also fully integrated with PayPal, you can receive prompt payment.

If you saved from any application that money with facebook, you know let me know and I'll add to this list. You, 12 free applications that are used to can make money on Facebook.

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