Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seo Checklist Free Download

This guide is a list of good starting point, as can not afford to improve the website owners trafficfor small businesses, the expensive services of SEO, there are over 200 SEO factors that Google uses the major search engines to rank pages and sites.

Software Description
Seo Checklist Free Download Screen Shot
There will be a must-have "and based on the latest SEO Guide positive factors-Page SEO for owners of websites, blogs, and all those who start targeted traffic.

Seo Checklist 1.0 Main Features :

How to improve web traffic using Keywords :

Domain name and/or Page Name :
First word is the best, second word is the second best, the title keywords should be included in the body text ¿ you can use (hyphens).

Title Meta TAG :
Close to beginning, 3 words Min, 60 characters Max, NO special characters, NO Stop Words.

Description Meta Tag :
Shows the theme of the page, less than 200 characters, should include keywords, the meta description content should be included in the body text.

Keyword Meta TAG :
Shows the theme, less than 10 words, no single word should appear more than twice, all words must appear in Body text.

Text Body (frequency, density and prominence) :
Density 2% to 5% (all keywords / total words of visible text), the keyword spamming threshold % varies with the topic.

Heading on the page (H1-H6) :
Use carefully! These headings should include your keywords, H1 should be use one time and at the begin of the Body, this is your most important heading, H2 could be used from 1 to 2 times with your less important keywords, the H3 .. H6 from 1 to more times and less important keywords.

Alt text :
Should describe the graphic, include your keywords, use it only 3 times (with your keywords) DO NOT fill with spam.

Internal site Links (anchor text) :
Should include the keywords of the target page when it is possible if not you can use the title tag, never use title and anchor text with the same keyword, it looks like spammer from the search engine point of view.

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