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Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

All services are listed below meet the following criteria:

1. they are all useful for SEO;
2. they are all on the website (no office or Firefox extensions so far)
3. all free.

If you know an online tool for SEO that are not listed here, please comment and I will update the post. I will do my best to constantly update the article to the tools that are available to remove and add new ones.

Table of Contents:

1. Backlink Analyzing Online SEO Tools

Backlink Checkers

ons/Tools Smart



Back Links

(currently not working)


Link Hounds Yahoo Backlink Info
Checks links to Page Page Domain Domain, page, all deep links
Best feature Fast and smooth Keyword-in-anchor-text search Multiple sorting and filtering options Data organization based on the linking domain
Anchor Text + + + -
PR + - + -
Linking page outbound links - Inaccurate + -
Nofollow highlight + - + -
Firefox Extension + - + -
Sorting options - - + -
Interface user-friendly simple user-friendly user-friendly
Set Preferences + + - -
Useful links - - - whois data; site web archive; Google cache; linking pages.

More backlink checkers:

2. Keyword Research and Brainstorming Tools

Keyword Brainstorming Tools

Keyword Brainstorming Tools

Tools that help expand your keyword lists with synonyms, related terms and keyword phrases.

Tools/Features What you will find there
Google Sets Related terms (i.e. terms that are likely to appear in lists).
MSN clustering tool Word clusters (keyword phrases).
Searchradar Tag clouds and keyword definitions.
Keyword Map Related terms (synonyms and keyword phrases).
Urban Dictionary Related terms (related synonyms and urban words).

Social Media Based Keyword Analyzers

Social media keyword research tools

Use social media sites to explore how people use and tag your core term, its popularity and related words.

Features/Tools TweetVolume Twitter Search related terms Facebook Lexicon
Data source Twitter Twitter Facebook
How to use it. Compare up to 3 terms popularity. See your term in live context. See your term related tags. See how often your term is mentioned across FB walls.

Online Dictionaries and Glossaries that Help with Keyword Research

Dictionary What you can find there:
The free dictionary Your keyword definition(s), set phrases/ idioms (use them to lighten up your writing style), examples of usage,

words of the same root (inflected words and derivations), thesaurus, classic literature mentions, keyword phrases, related acronyms.

Wordnet Definitions and sample sentences using your key term.
Rhyme Zone Rhymes (can be real fun to play with by the way), synonyms, antonyms. Keyword synonyms and antonyms.
Cambridge online dictionary Essential definitions and keyword phrases.
Meta Glossary The word definitions, related words and synonyms. Your core term synonyms and definitions.
Merriam-Webster dictionary Definitions and derived terms.

3. Domain Name Online Tools

Dynamic Tools for Domain Name Brainstorming:

Domain Name Brainstorming Tools

Features/Tools PsychicWhois Domize BustAName
TLDs 6 ( .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us) 3 (.com, .net, .org) 3 (.com, .net and .org)
Brainstorming help domain name suggestions based on your previous searches and related terms shows domain names one-character shorter than the one specified Mixes the given keywords, suggests synonyms, adds prefixes and suffixes, shows both singular and plural versions, drops last vowel, checks for both hyphen- and non-hyphen versions

Additional domain name checkers and generators:

  • DomainsBot (dynamically checks the availability of domain names for 6 TLDs: .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .us);
  • InstantDomainSearch (dynamically and really fast checks the availability of domain names for 3 TLDs: .com, .org, .net);
  • DomainNameSoup (suggests alternative terms for your core term, has a handy typo generator, adds words before and after your term);
  • Suggest Name and (DotoMator) – has a fairly large database of available prefixes and suffixes that are sorted out in categories;
  • NameBoy (generates the list of domain names based on your primary and secondary (optional) terms).

4. On-Site Analysis Online SEO Tools

On-page Keyword Prominence Research Tools.

Online SEO tools that help analyze keyword on-page usage.

Element to analyze: Ranks SEOworkers RankQuest
Title tag + + +
Meta Description + + +

+ - +
Alt tags + + +
Anchor texts + + +
Bold text + - +
Text 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases

SEO Browsers

SEO browsers

Features/ Tools Domaintools SEO browser SEO Browser
General benefits
  • find prominent elements (keywords) of the page;
  • check page elements visibility and accessibility.
Additional features optimization score and tips on improving it page meta tags, domain IP address, header response, page size, total number of links, words and images,

One more great tool to see text-only version of the site: LynxView

Page Size and Load Time Checkers

page size checkers

Features/Tools Web Page Speed Report Page Size Extractor
Total page size + +
Images total size of the images total number and size of the images
JavaScript size + -
CSS size + -
Each page object size + -
Download time + -
Additional features list of useful recommendations on reducing size of particular elements total number of hyperlinks, full list of all links on the page

Additional Site Diagnostics Tools:

  • Bad Neighborhood Tool (scans external links on a page and detects ‘bad links’).
  • Search engine SPAM detector (detects a few types of black-hat tricks: hidden text, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, etc).
  • (Recently improved) Trifecta Page/ Site/ Power tool (allows only one search per day for non-pro SEOmoz members) – offers an exhaustive report on your site/ page power and ways to improve it.

5. Search Related Online Tools

Keyword Rank Checking Tools

Online tools that check any term(s) rankings across various search engines.

Rank Checking Tools

Most valuable rank checkers:

Features/Tools SeoMoz Rank Checker Search Engine Forums Tool Shoemoney Serps Script SEObook Rank Checker
best feature Archives the results Checks multiple terms Fast and easy to use Advanced search options (+ international data centers)
export the results Yes No No No
several terms at a time No Yes No No
# of results checked 100 10 ~100 1000
overall # of SEs 4 1 4 1
# of SEs at a time 1 1 4 1
link to the actual results page Yes No No No
registration required Yes No No No
term of use Paid (with daily free 5 searches) Free Free Free
browser plugin Yes (Browser Button) No No No
main drawbacks Would be great if the history/reports could

be split into projects (i.e. domains checked) and SEs

Checks only top 10 results No way to export/save results No export feature.

Note: the tools may be checking different data centers, so the results can be slightly different from tool to tool.

More rank checking tools:

Tools that Compare Different Search Engine Results

Compare different search engine results

Features/Tools Prase Thumbshots Fuzz Find
# of SEs 3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN) 2 (Google and Yahoo) 3 (Google, Yahoo, Live) (
Additional Features Sort by Google PR; start from any result;

set the min. PR to filter low-PR sites

Graphic representation of ranking differences.

Highlight the site you want to track

Sort the results based on

any Search Engine or

More search related tools:

  • Pagerank Search allows to sort Google search results by Google PageRank or by relevance.

6. Website Traffic and Demographics Report

traffic and demographics tools

Features/Tools Google Trends Quantcast
Traffic unit of measurement percent (compared to overall Internet users measured by Alexa) number of people (average) number of unique people/ number of visits
Time range 3 months per month (average) per month / per week
Compare traffic up to 5 domains up to 5 websites up to 5 websites No
Demographics report No No No (U.S. only)

visitors’ gender distribution; age; household income; ethnicity; education.

Additional features Shows traffic distribution across different countries; related websites; sites linking back to the one being checked (U.S. only)

Reviews time spent on site compared to overall time spent in the Internet by US people (average change in this metric); average time spent on site by one person; number of pages per one visit.

Reviews stats over different periods of time (e.g. past month, past year, in a given month/ yeah) on different territories (countries, states, cities). Besides, the tool will also show you “related” search queries and websites Shows audience composition (passers-by, regulars, addicts)

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