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Niche Website Formula - Keyword Research

This article explains how you show your Blogger Sitemap Yahoo.By Yahoo Add this card is that its index of Web pages in the search engine Yahoo and detailed information about your blog a link on your pages, most popular pages on your site and places, and monitor their feeding grounds.
You can also submit your blog URL, if you do not want to index certain pages make your site.
If this is your site to Yahoo and give your site more attention.
All you need is a Yahoo account (ID). However, you do not need a Yahoo ID on this information, how many pages are indexed, but if your blog is new or not your pages indexed blog (search enter URL of your blog to Yahoo and see whether their pages indexed or not), then Yahoo ID would like to submit to your sites, feeds, etc.
Let't like Yahoo index your web pages for your website's blog.

Understanding Keyword Research

Before keyword research interpretation, you must understand that research related to the keyword. The following video contains three important points that are essential to understanding them. Covers:

* Understand that the markets actually online
* Description of niches and how they affect markets
* Understand the role of key words and why they are so important

After this little video that you have a clear idea undertstanding the first key concept must have seen. If I do not understand is often helpful to play the video again. I saw this video several times, since they are ideal for redreshing his mind, even if you think you know everything.

Golden Rule No. 1 - How to Find Relevant Keywords

This is where we start getting into the actual process of keyword research. This video will cover:

  • Understanding the keyword research process
  • The Four Golden Rules of keyword research
  • How to use Market Samurai to generate a list of relevant keywords

Understanding Keyword Research

Before you even begin to conduct keyword research you need to understand what keyword research is all about. The following video covers three basic points that are essential to your understanding. It covers:

  • Understanding what online markets really are
  • Understanding niches and how they relate to markets
  • Understanding the role of keywords and why they are so important

Once you have watched this short video you should have a clear undertstanding of these key concept. If there's something you don't understand, it often helps to play the video through again. I have watched these videos many times, as they are great for redreshing your mind, even if you think you already know it all.

Golden Rule No. 1 - How to Find Relevant Keywords

This is where we start getting into the actual process of keyword research. This video will cover:

  • Understanding the keyword research process
  • The Four Golden Rules of keyword research
  • How to use Market Samurai to generate a list of relevant keywords

Golden Rule No. 2 - How to Find High Traffic Keywords

In this video you will find out about the second Golden Rule of Keyword research - Traffic. Specifically, we will cover:

  • The difference between searches and traffic
  • The Organic Traffic Settings in Market Samurai
  • How to find keywords that are worth targeting

Golden Rule No. 3 - How to Assess Market Competition

This is perhaps the most important of the 4 Golden Rules. The number one reason that people fail online is because the break this rule. Assessing the market competition is critical to your online success. Watch this video caefully. It covers:

  • The nature of competition
  • The two most important aspects of competition
  • How to evaluate the competition in your niche using Market Samurai

Golden Rule No. 4 - How to Assess Commerciality

The fourth Golden Rule of Keyword Research concerns commerciality. If you break this rule you risk losing out on the most profitable keywords in your niche. Specifically, we will cover:

  • What commerciality is and why it's so important
  • How keyword commerciality is calculated
  • How to find high commerciality keywords using Market Samurai

Golden Rules Case Study

Often the best way to understand is by looking at a case study. In this video we look at a real life example of using the 4 Golden Rules of Keyword Research.

Finding Long Tail Keywords

In this video we'll be exploring the concept of long tail keywords and how to use them to attract organic traffic to your website.Specifically, we'll be covering:

  • Expanding your keyword framework
  • Understanding long tail keywords
  • The difference between long tail derivative keywords and semantic long tail keywords
  • How to find long tail keywords using Market Samurai

Understanding Match Type Data

In this video we'll be exploring the concepts of exact match, phrase match and broad match data in Market Samurai.Specifically, we'll be looking at:

  • The difference between 'exact', 'phrase' and 'broad' match data
  • Why we use broad match data as a default for SEO traffic
  • How to use the match type settings in Market Samurai as a crystal ball

How to Avoid Targetting the Wrong Keywords

One of the biggest dangers when starting an internet business is targetting the wrong keywords. Many beginners, and even experienced marketers, sometimes fall into the trap of targetting incomplete keyword phrases or phrases with keywords in the wrong order. This can lead to many weeks or moths of wasted time and effort. In this video we'll be showing how to avoid this trap by using keyword phrase permutations. Specifically we'll be covering:

  • What phrase permutations are
  • Why they are important
  • How to investigate permutations using Market Samurai


As you can now see, there is much more to keyword research than meets the eye. After watch the above videos you should now have a very good understanding of keyword research. In fact, you now know more about keyword research than most internet marketers do. If you haven't done so already, we suggest you down load a free trial copy of Market Samurai using the link below. Have a ply around with the software and be sure to come back to these videos if you need a refresher course.

If yo haven't done so yet, now is a good time to download a free trial of Market Samurai.

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