Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How you can market your products on Facebook and Get more Facebook fans

Before we move ahead one thing should be clear in every one’s mind that facebook is the biggest social network on the internet at the moment. It was launched in 2006 and now it has become the largest network that connects people socially with each other. First of all we are going to discuss what is marketing on facebook or what facebook marketing is all about.

This is very simple and easy technique of marketing your products, services or website on facebook. You must know that people use facebook almost from all parts of the world and if you want people to see what you are offering you will have to make an appearance on facebook. There are different things that are involved in facebook marketing. First thing is to make a page or group that represents your products or services. Your customers or all those people who may be interested in your products can view your page or group and see what you have got for them.

Next thing is to market your website. You can market your website on facebook in two main ways one is to get facebook fans on your facebook page and advertise your website among then and second methods is to create an ad for your website that will be displayed on walls of people in advertisement bar. In this way you can get more attention of people on the facebook. Make sure your website or page is ready to be displayed before you start marketing on facebook.

Second aspect that we are going to cover here is facebook fans. Facebook fans are those people who have subscribed to your facebook page or group. These people are called facebook fans. You can create a facebook fans page and invite your friends and family member to join that page. Once you are doing with this process now you need to ask your friends and family member to invite their friends too to your facebook page.

This is a simple way to get facebook fans. Second option is also available to get more facebook fans. In this option you will have to spend some money in order to get more fans on your facebook page. You can hire a person or agency that provides such facility and they will charge you some fee according to the number of facebook fans that you are looking for. You can pay them and let them do their work in a few days time you will see that the population of your facebook page fans has increases a lot. Now you can also ask those fans to invite their friends too to your facebook page.

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