Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Rank High on Google

A question every new webmaster asks, sooner or later, the first position in Google. My answer is very often seen well with good content, link building and SEO, very important find, but if you're not a member of the forum, the black hat SEO strategies, the associated switch can understand a Google page for the night. No, just kidding, it's a very simple strategy that works well for keywords and managers within 60 minutes of work for that keyword, less hierarchical and maybe a day or two words to sort it all depends on how. Insert

Everything you need for this strategy are two Yahoo accounts. What we do is press the Yahoo Answers and according to our blogs. It lets light level 2 on Yahoo Answers, but they are very easy to get, only 250 points can be picked up within hours. Well, for this example, a Level 2 account from Yahoo Answers have.


1. First, if two counts of Yahoo answers, ask questions (of accounts) and other (Step 2 of the answer) to answer questions.

2. Now, for your first invoice from Yahoo Answers, the question to ask and go, 10 simple questions is. Why do 10 questions? Read on to find out. Ensure that look like legitimate questions, depending on location and do not like spam.

Examples of good questions

"I was a teenager and in the last two years I have struggled with acne, I tried. Everything, all products from CVS and other pharmacies, but no one seems to work. Does anyone have a solution that works for them?

3. Make a list of about 10 keywords that you about your site.

For example, if the list of important keywords keywords, how to remove acne "would look like this:

1. How to get rid of acne
2. How to get rid of acne fast
3. how to remove acne in 3 days
4. How to get rid of acne scars
5. How to get rid of acne scars
6. How to get rid of acne cyst
7. How does one get rid of acne naturally
8. how to get rid of pimples overnight
9. How to get rid of acne
10. How to get rid of acne advice

4. With his own record (level 2) and to answer your questions. Also, make sure that your answer is valid and not look like spam.

Examples of the correct answer would be something like;

"Hi, I had the same problem long ago and I know what it is. Can not found by chance with me." On your part. This site offers a great solution to your problem. Well, I mean that I always have acne. There is no scar at all. A big thank you to this point. "

5. Do this for each keyword, but make sure that every reaction is unique. Enter your link on this page to him and everything.

6. Why Yahoo Answers is good because the person who asked the question of choosing the best answer and the answers that best captured by Google and to find the meaning of both the classification. So what will you do now is wait for a few hours, then return to your yahoo account with the same account to be the best solution for you.

This makes a number of things.

* Help Google is your link and give a good rating
* Support for the previous response is that the question under, therefore offers website traffic
* Level 2 is 25 points for the best answer given and help you get more respect in Yahoo Answers.

7. Save your answers to the social bookmarking site. The reason we want you at social bookmarking as it really helps to strengthen our position in the list of Yahoo Answers to increase. If the list that Yahoo is not at number 1 on Google and Yahoo could always come back immediately to a sharp decline in social bookmarking want. Another advantage is that this tip-list to stay on top of age.

There are many social bookmarking websites, the media, but in our case we will only dofollow backlinks. I will not go dofollow and why only this type of relationship that another long story.

So the most useful social bookmarking site:


For now we focus on these three favorite places to go register with them if you have an account. Send your news at all three sites of Yahoo's answer to your question with informative descriptions. Remember that the most important keywords in the Description field (Yahoo Answers) results and the history of the search engines so important, when all is defined.

This conclusion is a little tutorial on how to rank high on Google. Use keywords from the complete you. I hope you learned something today, and to achieve this strategy, higher ratings and make money to put into practice.

Please leave your comments in the first position in Google

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