Monday, February 7, 2011

5 Tips on Better Facebook Marketing for B2B Companies

Facebook has reached an excellent tool for many consumers directly B2C brands. But the companies are improving the use of Facebook B2B industry, reputation and focus of the development of new activities? Sure.

A good number of B2B companies successfully use to contact key relationships with customers and prospects to build. If your company B2B continues to believe that Facebook would be a mix of online marketing, get fit, here are five tips for creating a fan page on Facebook to support one of the best B2B brand:

1. Create a two-way conversation - instead of using Facebook, only to push messages to the audience much time to the challenges of potential customers to understand. Online search using keywords and monitoring of other social tools like Twitter to current issues, learn how to contain the target. Be a resource for potential customers, providing contents and skills that alleviate the problems.

After building a relationship with the supporters of the fan page, we invite you to provide feedback on shared content. Ask questions and get answers from fans on the content they hold the trade mark is to create. eMarketer has a good job on this.

2. Sluit building a community - opportunities for fans to gather and positive experiences with others. Oracle is an example of a professional website with valuable content, news and fans to discuss and share instantly on the page is created.

The best defense is all customers with the product or services B2B companies involved met. Success stories highlighted on the page and fans will be the value of similar companies to see. If a negative comment that many B2B companies, the management of shocked understanding and sincerity. In most cases, transparency and the music is still a long way with negative feedback.

3. Building relationships - B2B often associated with a greater commitment than just retail. Sales cycles can be lengthy, and as the saying goes, do you prefer someone. Facebook is a place, Let It Shine brand personality - to see who you are. According to a survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate, customers are more willing to buy companies that track through the media. By a face, a brand that you are satisfied with your brand as the first source, the fans, when the time comes to make a purchase decision position.

4. Promotion of the contents of the Cross - With Facebook as an outlet for sharing the interesting content created elsewhere. B2B companies should consider re-designation of pictures and videos of promotional and industry events. SAP uses lots of photographs and many by other users. Brands need to understand that all contacts are fully involved in all efforts for the promotion. Do not assume that if a message was shared in a channel to be removed.

Connecting a video feed from Facebook increase the likelihood that the substance of potential customers through other social channels. By connecting and cross-promotion, get your blog B2B walls of the fans and potential new contacts in the exchange.

5. Is divisible - content, interesting or funny distributed shared a statement by the company are sweet. This applies to companies of any size or direction of the customer. Make a list of copyrighted heavy pages do not help to create new goals, because no one is happy, content boring.

Be creative and understand the humor, visual appeal, and soon all increase your chances of moving content through Facebook. Looking for a good example? Reviewing the work of creative holiday Cisco. A short video can convey a lot about society and culture. Companies that create content by participating in the spirit in a position to the content in a meaningful and memorable building connections extend to potential customers.

Facebook for B2B marketers is not limited to large companies. In the center is to build meaningful relationships. If the customer focused and creative, B2B companies can take greater advantage of online marketing that many giant sold as a long-term customers.

Make sure that top rankings Facebook page for news, resources and discussion check here not related to the blog.

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