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You Can Gain Total Control Over The Content In Your Blog

The greatest attention by most people to choose the policies of your blog with content written by others is the question of control.
Let's face it, you do not every article is written in your blog, or if you face into the same trap as others fall - if not unique or special ...

Wordpress Plugin Magnet with backlinks, you accept a considerable amount of control over the content that you want. You can choose by category and define what are the categories in the content of the blog is best ... And you can separate content for keywords in the sub-categories to choose how you want.

For example, the positions of companies comes from the mind of the writer website "Business" online businss Online article "category. But with the backlinks plugin magnet you can tell the software at all" in their own category "Business on the Internet."

You can also override the settings of the category keyword. For example, you can divert all the articles with the keyword "SEO" in an "SEO" category. Or you can direct all promotional items with their own set of "advertising" category.

You can also choose to receive elements from Ghost Writer, but not to approve the items immediately. If you choose to create your copy of Imam Back Links Plugin for NO auto-approve, you can personally check all items before your Website.

Unusually the plugin WordPress is another feature that is unique in the world of online marketing articles ... Backlinks magnet is not just a cool name, but the concept behind this Wordpress plugin ...

We have the software on three things that are a link popularity of your dreams ...

1. All names of contributors are getting their own label on your blog. At the end of the article there was a link to the page label for the author behind the article, giving visitors the opportunity to other products, read by a particular author ... This indicates the popularity of links to pages of labels and gives visitors a reason to stay on your site ...
2. All items link to the previous web page, which published the article. By participating in this program it is true that something is going to add a link to another blog in our system, pop, but each take our system you will find a link to get to each link to give to another blog . Remember, people who make a point after accession to your copy of the article.
3. Since this system prevents us from where an article is published, we can also bind programmable articles in your website. It is in our interest to our customers show in their articles were published, and we will use it to enter the information that we add for our customers. Other links will be banished to the back of each item through our distribution area of the site, and perhaps in other web sites and privately.

At least every copy of an article on its Web site that you have accepted them, point to two links on it. At the upper end of the field, you can get multiple links to the copy of the article on several websites.

The advantage for you to be aware when they studied search algorithms. The only thing that allows a site to another is usually the number of links to third party websites. However, many people lost in the process of creating links only to your homepage ...

I have always seen the pages of my sites as gateways to other on my side. If the contents of internal page as my new visitors, then my new visitors could stay for a while, maybe even bookmark my site for future visits. If you have a website that links not only with its front page, but their internal pages, then you are more the attention of search engines to win for more pages indexed on your website Google Yahoo and MSN, and that these additional sites also shows the results.

This is the basic idea behind the creation of magnet Backlinks Wordpress Plugin ...

I want to receive multiple copies of my clients article link popularity, it is still a chance of my customers items found on search engines. Karma and in my mind, the best way to improve the visibility of my clients, is link popularity and ranking of those who may choose to publish articles of my client.

With Backlinks WordPress Plugin Magnet not only control over the content we publish to your blog, but to ensure that you, the actual link popularity of your internal pages of your site as important in the grand scheme of engine research.

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